The 4 Steps Workshop – PCN Social Prescriber

May 17, 2021

The Four Steps

The Four Steps helps people who have been stuck in the house for a while and might be a little nervous about venturing out of the house to socialise, go shopping or back to work.

We have set up a little support group/workshop of no more than 6 people each time, which will be initially online via zoom for 4 weeks 45 minutes per week.

The aim is to help you tackle a personal goal that will help you ease out of lockdown and back into society. The beauty of this project is that it’s run at your pace, each goal is personal you actually set that goal and work towards achieving it step by step. We give you tips and techniques to overcome your barriers. The group gives you support as you give others support too.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone during this journey because you will have the option for a virtual/telephone buddy to take steps with you. Afterwards, there are drop-in sessions where you can meet online as a group to have a local short walk.

If your goal is simply to:

  • Open the front door and step outside
  • Socialise
  • Visit your local shop
  • Return to your place of work
  • Go for a lovely walk

Then The 4 Steps is for you.

Next Group Starts Thursday 10th June 12.45.
It’s free of charge.

To book, click here or ask the receptionist at your practice to email Lorraine Harnett, the with a Social Prescribing Service referral.



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